NuPay offers optometrist debit and card solutions and offers extended payment options for medical aid shortfalls.


Since Authenticated Early Debit Orders (AEDO) payment instructions are created in real-time, they will assist you significantly with improving your collections. AEDO is essentially non-disputable, future-dated early debit orders, loaded via a terminal. AEDO enables a merchant to load future-dated, irreversible transactions on a 3rd party’s account, which is authenticated via card and PIN when the transaction is created.

Instructions are submitted for early morning processing with multiple presentations over a user-defined tracking period and transactions cannot be disputed due to the PIN authentication. Tracking is available on the account, should the transaction fail due to insufficient funds and maintenance can be done on the transactions via our website. AEDO comes with full reporting functionality, as well as a 24/7 contact centre, round-the-clock monitoring on responses from the banks, skilled technicians on call and dedicated customer relationship consultants.

Benefits and product features

  • Less disputes.
  • Future dated debit orders.
  • Up to 32 days tracking.
  • Full website reporting.
  • Transaction maintenance.
  • Card and pin based.
  • Reference field capabilities.
  • Real-time debit order.


POS (Point of Sale) is a terminal based payment system whereby a consumer can pay for goods or services using a normal debit or credit card. The funds will be directly accessed and deducted immediately from the consumer’s account and settled daily to the merchant’s account.

Benefits and product features

  • Improved cashflow.
  • Stock management.
  • Integrated with fixed or portable devices.
  • Real-time transactions.


Edcon card acceptance with full integration capabilities