When it comes to the matter of electronic claims switching between healthcare professionals and medical schemes, we provide a robust and effective solution that helps to drive higher efficiencies in the operations of funders and healthcare professionals. This, in turn, means your business will experience improved cash flow, reduced exposure to financial risk, reduced administration hassle and expense and greater management control.

While the bulk of the interchanged data is medical scheme members’ claims, we also provide electronic transactions for medical scheme membership verification, benefit checking and payment advice. – Collect medical shortfalls and accept arrear payments with our unique extended payment options. – Real-time debit order transactions. – Mutiple merchants can be linked a single device.


DebiCheck now enables account holders to verify their debit orders before their account is debited, decreasing dispute rates and preventing fraud. DebiCheck Collections are electronically authenticated by customers on a once-off basis.Should a customer decides to take out a new contract, the customer’s mandate will be registered with their bank. Once the customer authorises his/her mandate details, you will be notified and your sales process can proceed.

Benefits and product features

  • Less disputes by authenticating mandates.
  • Consumer safety.
  • Full website reporting.
  • Portal terminal and web based debit order solution.


MPS is a web-based payment solution supporting traditional single hit debit order payment instructions (2 Day Debit and SSV) and Credit Card Debits (Batchlink), against consumer accounts.

Benefits and product features

  • Web based solution.
  • Full website reporting.
  • Transactional maintenance.
  • Mandated debit orders.


POS (Point of Sale) is a terminal based payment system whereby a consumer can pay for goods or services using a normal debit or credit card. The funds will be directly accessed and deducted immediately from the consumer’s account and settled daily to the merchant’s account.

Benefits and product features

  • Improved cashflow.
  • Stock management.
  • Integrated with fixed or portable devices.
  • Real-time transactions.


Edcon card acceptance with full integration capabilities