DebiCheck is a new debit order system that will take over the EDO payment stream consisting of AEDO and NAEDO. Debit order instructions can be loaded in real-time or delayed depending on the mandate type that has been submitted. DebiCheck enables a merchant to load future-dated transactions on a 3rd party’s account, which can be authenticated via multiple methods such as USSD, online banking and via card and PIN.

Instructions are submitted for early morning processing with multiple presentations over a user-defined tracking period. Tracking is available on the account, should the transaction fail due to insufficient funds and maintenance can be done on the transactions via our website. DebiCheck comes with full reporting functionality, as well as round-the-clock monitoring on responses from the banks, skilled technicians on call and dedicated account managers.

Benefits and product features

  • Less disputes by authenticating mandates.
  • Consumer safety.
  • Full website reporting.
  • Portal terminal and web based debit order solution.


MPS is a web-based payment solution supporting traditional single hit debit order payment instructions (2 Day Debit and SSV) and Credit Card Debits (Batchlink), against consumer accounts.

  • Web based solution.
  • Full website reporting.
  • Transactional maintenance.
  • Integrated capabilities.

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