NuCard is a web-based electronic facility whereby a merchant can transfer a credit value to an end customer on an electronic card. The customer can use the credit value stored on the card for card payments at any MasterCard POS pay point, or withdraw cash from any ATM within South Africa.

Benefits and product features

  • Reduce cash handling risks.
  • Card and pin product.
  • Web based solution.
  • Card is valid for 3 years.


POS (Point of Sale) is a terminal based payment system whereby a consumer can pay for goods or services using a normal debit or credit card. The funds will be directly accessed and deducted immediately from the consumer’s account and settled daily to the merchant’s account. Integration functionality with NuPay’s till software as well as third party till software providers.

Benefits and product features

  • Improved cashflow
  •  Reduce cash handling risks
  •  Stock management control
  •  Integrated with fixed or portable/ mobile devices
  •  Real-time transactions


NuPayGO, a cost-effective payment solution to accept real-time debit and credit card payments anywhere and at any time. This is for all entrepreneurs who dream big, are making waves and work to succeed against all odds. It is excellent for the vendors promoting local trade; the taxi drivers working overtime to get people to places on time. This is convenient for the handyman fixing the unfixable at odd hours and remote places.

NuPayGO Website

Benefits and product features

  • Linked to your mobile device.
  • Accept debit and credit cards anywhere, any time.
  • Easy to use.
  • SMS and e-mail customer receipts directly from the app.
  • Get real-time reporting.