Marais Viljoen High School has been a NuPay client for 20 years. They have been utilising the NuPay AEDO solution to collect school, tour and other fees with tremendous success. According to their principal, Mrs. Martie Heystek, the NuPay AEDO system has provided them with a guaranteed stream of income, which is vitally important for covering the daily costs of running a school with 1 450 learners. Since introducing the system, their collection rate has improved with 100%. Being a parallel medium school with a diverse sosio-economic community, Mrs. Heystek stresses that paying school fees are not equally important to all parents, especially when times are tough. Not only does the NuPay AEDO system improve successful collections, but it also simplifies the process considerably. Where parents used to pay via cash or EFT, the NuPay AEDO system allows them to swipe their card once and authenticate all the agreed upon future-dated transactions. Now they don’t have to worry about making a payment at the end of the month and the school no longer has to worry about non-payments. Click on the below link to hear how Marais Viljoen has changed the way they handle payments.