What does NuPay do?

NuPay provides a payment solution.  Companies use our facilities to debit from their clients’ accounts. We also offer POS services (Speedpoint facilities).

How can I identify on my bank statement if a NuPay debit order has been processed?

The description on the statement usually starts with ‘NP’.


Can NuPay trace a debit order using an ID number?

Yes, if the ID number was captured when the debit order was loaded. This can also be viewed under Reporting/Step 2 – All fields.

Can the NuPay system verify a customer’s account number if its active or not?

We have a product called AVS-Account verification System.

What are NuPay's operating hours?

Mon – Fri 06:00 – 18:00, Saturdays and selected Public Holidays 7:00 – 14:00 and Sundays closed.

Does NuPay offer Demo terminals for practice purposes for potential merchants?

Yes, we do. A prospective merchant can book an appointment with our Sales Department to be provided with a demo. Should the merchant the merchant be unable to visit our Head Office, we will arrange for a visit at convenient place for the merchant.

Do transactions track before the submit date?

No, tracking starts on the submit date only.

On the transaction report on the website, on the column ‘Bank’, it shows code ‘D’. What does code D mean?

Code ‘D’ is Capitec bank account. Please see below other bank codes:

Code:     Bank Institution:

A             ABSA

S             Standard Bank

D             Capitec

F             FNB

E             Bank of Athens

N             Nedbank

M             Mercantile

When I load a card on the terminal to do an AEDO debit order, it says card not allowed. What does this mean?

The machine/terminal will give you various codes at times. You can find these error codes situated on the right-hand side of the NuPay website once logged in. And check the card on the BIN list checker to see if it is open for AEDO debit orders as follows:

-Login to the AEDO website

-Scroll down to reference document on the left hand-side

-Click on BIN checker

-Type in the 1st 6 digits of the client’s card number/PAN.

-Click on ‘Continue.’


My machine has been stolen/missing or damaged. I need a new one, what should I do?

If it is a fixed machine, we replace it, as we have insured it on the merchant’s behalf. Whereas with a mobile machine, the merchant should have insurance in place. Thereafter:

-Merchants account manager needs to be notified.

-Merchant need to open a case and provide a case number to account manager

-Once all information has been collected and invoice has been issued, the account manager will then request log a request for the merchant to get another machine.