Optometrists and the broader medical industry face various challenges on a daily basis. The recent worldwide health crisis has once again reiterated the importance of committed healthcare workers whose main focus is providing the best possible care for their patients. The last thing these medical professionals want to worry about is collecting outstanding fees from patients. The resulting economic challenges from the pandemic has put financial stress on various medical practices, especially optometrists. Most people would argue that they can’t afford to renew their prescription and will use their current glasses or contact lenses a bit longer.

NuPay recently hosted a webinar specifically for optometrists to address how our payment solutions can assist both the optometrist and the patient in paying for these services. Our host, Reinard Janse van Rensburg, shared information on the various payment solutions available. There are numerous benefits that these solutions can offer your practice, including increased turnover as a result of the multiple payment solutions you are able to offer your patients, a better patient experience and a reduced risk because our solutions remove cash from your premises.