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The DUX product suite comprises of NuPay’s leading secure electronic payment solutions that have been successfully used in various markets over the past thirteen years. Now for the first time, NuPay have bundled their most sought after product offerings used by both private and government schools throughout South Africa into one product suite aptly referred to as the DUX.
The Dux consists of NuPay’s leading AEDO (Authenticated early debit order) product offering which is the only non-disputable debit order system available, NAEDO (Non-authenticated early debit order), a card not present mandated debit order facility, POS (Point of Sale), real-time debit and credit card payment facility as well as EPV
(electronic prepaid vouchers).
These four products bundled into one product suite and competitively priced will ensure the safe collection of all fees, on-time,
everytime while minimising the risk of cash on hand, cash handling and the cost implications for cash deposits.
The DUX is the safest, most convenient and most successful payment collection offering available to all education facilities within
South Africa.

Product Brochure: 

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