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Corporate Social Investment

Altech NuPay giving back to the community

Altech NuPay hosted our Annual Charity Golf day on the 12th of May 2015. The main focus of this annual Golf day has always been to raise funds for the charitable organizations we have selected (plus it’s an excellent opportunity to spend a day in the great outdoors with colleagues and friends).

Abram Kriel Kindersorg/Child Care

Sponsorship of students that are living at the home. Altech NuPay sponsored three children to continue with studies after matric.Through the support and enthusiasm of the Altech NuPay staff and clients, over R 85 000 was raised for the Abram Kriel Children's Home at our annual Altech NuPay Charity Golf Day.The funds are used for various necessities like school clothes and stationery, providing a healthy meal and educating the children to take responsibility and enhance their lives through education and sport.

Guide Dog Association of South Africa

Freedom and independence mean different things to different people, but to a visually impaired person it means largely the ability to go where they like, when they like; to be able to travel to work safely on a daily basis, go shopping unaided,deposit their salary at the bank, visit friends or go to church.Unless one is visually impaired it is almost impossible to fully appreciate what it is like to live in a world of constant darkness.

Alberton SPCA

Over the years Altech NuPay have always cared for those who cannot care for themselves, and this year was no different. Altech NuPay have made regular contributions to the Alberton SPCA for their development of their puppy runs, donated much need umbrellas for shade during our scorching summers.  During August 2010, Sampie Pienaar, MD of Altech NuPay,  handed over a much needed cheque to the Alberton SPCA of over R27 000.

NuPay Charity Golf Day

The Altech NuPay Charity Golf Day assists in  changing the lives of over 600 children at the Abraham Kriel Kindersorg / Child Care, training another guide dog to assist those without the gift of sight and helps feed and re-home one of the many abandoned pets at the Alberton SPCA.All proceeds raised in the Altech NuPay Charity Golf Day is donated to the Abraham Kriel Kindersorg / Child Care, Alberton SPCA & the Guide Dog Assoc. of SA

Soweto Rugby Club and The Soweto Warriors Project

The Soweto Rugby Club mandate for the next 5 years is to bring back the club to the people of Soweto, affiliate with the GLRU, build club networks and most importantly, turn Soweto Rugby Club into a 100% financially self sustainable institution. Altech NuPay has played a major role over the past few years, assisting the club with expenses regarding the sponsoring and hosting of the annual Soweto Rugby Festival.

Marais Viljoen High School

Developing young sports enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to develop their talents and experience the joys of sport from both a competitive level as well as from a fitness perspective is extremely important. They say a healthy body is a healthy mind, and it is for this reason, Altech NuPay has assisted Marais Viljoen High School financially in ensuring all students are offered an opportunity to participate in all sports disciplines at the highest level.