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Company Overview

NuPay is a division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd. We form part of the Bytes Secure Transaction Solutions business unit which comprises of Med-e-Mass, MediSwitch, Altech Card Solutions and NuPay. Bytes Secure Transaction Solutions focuses specifically on healthcare IT and E-Commerce solutions.

NuPay is a PCI-DSS certified transaction service provider and is the leader in managed electronic payment solutions. NuPay offers proven business solutions within the authenticated (terminal based, card present), non-authenticated (card not present) and web-based product space, providing a secure solutions for payments and collections to all industries.

NuPay was the first CSP (Customer Service Provider) to go live in the AEDO environment on 2 October 2006. NuPay also started processing NAEDO (Non-authenticated Early Debit Order - Card not present) transactions in the same month. NuPay is currently the leading AEDO (Authenticated Early Debit Orders) CSP operating within the micro finance Industry. At present NuPay has over 4000 terminals in the field giving NuPay the fifth largest point-of-sale footprint after the “Big 4” banks in South Africa.

NuPay’s main strengths, capabilities and skills lie in the warehousing and management of transactions with high levels of security and unmatched customer service. NuPay prides itself on relationship building, training and education, statistical analysis, consulting and advice, all of which help to grow businesses and increase success rates. Real-time reporting and web-based services further allow clients to stay in total control of their business ventures.

NuPay is a national based company with branches in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Free State and Limpopo.



There are nine dedicated teams within NuPay that manage and support all our product offerings:

To focus on the various terminal management systems, ensuring that a customer’s business is not impacted by any terminal issues.
Customer Relations
Dedicated Customer Relationship Consultants (CRCs) maintain existing as well as develop new customers.
To handle the development of software for both current and future products.
NuPay sales consultants work closely with the company’s CRCs and provide valuable input for refinement and further development of our product offerings.
IT and Infrastructure
Ensures that the virtual channels and networks are available for our clients, as well as NuPay employees.
Business Analysis
This competent and dedicated team ensures that all company requirements, both internal and external, are fully understood.
Keeps all systems performing to required standards and client requirements.
This team is entrusted with the vision of taking the NuPay brand to new heights through print campaigns, promotions, social events, sponsorships and CSI.
Contact Centre
With its state-of-the art call centre technology, our dedicated call centre ensures that all clients are given the best support and advice relating to our services and products.